Casualties Testo

Testo Casualties

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"

I swear I cannot pick you up. I'm
strong but not strong enough, for the
both of us. For the both of us.

The camel's back is broken in two. And every piece of straw was brought here by you.
I'll never fit in your box. I found me, maybe you should find you.
Because security doesn't come in a pill. The more you try to control, the less you ever will.
Happiness doesn't have a person's name. And when he visits, he can never ever stay.

Hold these wrists, do you feel pillars or a little more than twigs?


I'm here to say it's over. The girl I love, I don't even know her.
No one cares about paper (money) and stones (diamonds). Oh yeah, that's something you could never get over. It's okay, to admit that you're not okay. To tear down the walls and face the truth. Please, for me, could you just this once let go? Oh,I forgot, it's always about you.

Feel my heart, does it pound like a train, speed and steel?

Chorus + rock out section

Last chorus:
I swear it's not too late, but baby, some thing's gotta change for the both of us, for the both of us
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