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Testo Star Trek Song

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Star Trek the next generation,
you're loved throughout the nation,
you're my favourite show,
a buzz in every episode,
you're lucky, you don't have to wait for buses,
you just admit to the transporter,
and off you boldly go.

Mr Warf's my favourite person,
because he's very strong and large,
Jaun Luc Piccard is a bit of a hun,
he has to be cos he's in charge,
when I, found out that it was ending,
I wrote them all a letter,
to say they had to die,
they sent police right round to see me,
now my, whole life is rather empty,
because you only left me,
where did you boldly go ,
where did you boldly go ,
where did you boldly go ,
where did you boldly go.
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