Tetris Song Testo

Testo Tetris Song

Sometimes when the world is tough,
with unemployment war and stuff,
I'm sitting on the lav and staring
at the ceiling, I'm dispairing,
cos the future frightens me,
too much responsibility,
I grab GameBoy nostalgically
and plug my Tetris in.

As soon as Tetris blocks cascade,
my anxious thoughts begin to fade,
my girlfriend left me recently,
now she's a distant memory,
because I've got a long thin block,
which very soon is going to dock,
beside a massive Tetris rock,
and make them disappear.

My friend Joe's a Tetris sceptic,
says it makes you epileptic,
but he doesn't understand,
it builds the muscles in your hands,
and it improves co-ordination,
puts you in a situation,
you you use imagination,
to stack loads of odd shaped blocks.
Neh hm, Neh hm, Neh hm hm!
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