What Do You Do? Testo

Testo What Do You Do?

What do you do when you wake up in the morning,
get out of bed wash your face and hands,
what do you do when the day is dawning,
turn off the alarm it might wake up your mum.

All these things I have to do before I go to school,
otherwise I might go in, with a dirty face,
still in bed, the alarm's still on,
its woken up up your mum,
oh no.

You go into the bathroom fill up the basin,
this is the morning this is what happens,
this make of pewter is nice to wash your face in,
this is the morning this is interesting,
you go into your brother's room he's a little blighter,
this the morning this is what happens,
Barry McGwiggen is a better weight fighter,
this the morning this is interesting.

Shiny shoes are what I need to put on my feet,
hair ointment is what I need to put on my feet, over my ears,
on top of my head, behind my ears, on the side of my head.

I'm walking to school and I meet my friend Barney,
he is my best friend he is my favourite,
he tells me dirty jokes they are very funny,
we are both laughing when he says willy, willy.

All these things occur when I am on my way to school,
I am pleased that I have used the word occur,
I must use it more, occur, occur, occur,
my wife has not come home
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