And... Chaos Enthroned Testo

Testo And... Chaos Enthroned

Pure disease, a chasm of souls
Parasites of endless things, in divinity's well
Infected with curses, the flames of God
Imperial races, chaos enthroned

Marvels like snails
A wheel of depression
Dehumanizing the shaded breed
To zero and one

Generators of plague, never ending mind control
Diagramming the spheres of the seashell
In the source of all evil, the ultimate devastation
A torrent of existence

Chaos enthroned

The space is bleeding, with the hate from the race of Memes
Universal prototypes, an open door to infinity
Insected with corpses, the apostolic wrath
Etherial crossing, chaos enthroned

Cyclones and storms
The last days of humanity
This corrosion in perfect design
To zero and one

The action, reaction, dementia like a maze
Creation, corruption, the universe in haze
The balance, imbalance, the edge of obscure realms
A zero, subhero, the life of human breed

Chaos enthroned
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