Perdition, A New Era Testo

Testo Perdition, A New Era

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Astral Conversions, spiritual modes
Invalid termination of a tyrant yoke
Parasites of innocence, the accident of god,
The plague of suffering reminds the coming of the fall...

Depraved emotions, a sanctum place.
Zodiac circle, the signs of Hell.
The law of heritage on a chimera based,
Labyrinth of genesis division's parade.

Electric perversion for a human being
Perpetual motion like an infinite sin.
A schism of holiness, the science of will,
Crossing the universe with nails and dreams

Religious archetype, the parody of a mass
The void solution like a God with mask
Artificial silence, a never ending faith
The roots of abhorrence command the instinct of hate...

Insulting the virtues of a sun with an endless light
Between... between the ruins of the mind
Defecting to the esoteric isolation like an eye
You are incited to betray...

Possessed by visions, an ultrasonic end
Chemical systems... of the broken DNA
A soul with chains
The egg of knowledge

Depraved the spirit of those who keep the flames
Behold the eruption of the cosmic seer

A vortex of renewal - a whirlpool of souls
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