Crazy Days & Crazy Nights Testo

Testo Crazy Days & Crazy Nights

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Like a bird of paradise
you were singing in the night
whispering pain and love
suddenly i saw the light
coming down in a cloud of beauty
to take possess of me

when she took me by the hand
your voice, so heavenly
reminded me upon the sea she'd been waiting for me
thank you 'cause now i believe
you opened the gate of my dreams

she gave me crazy days
she gave me crazy nights
she gave me what i was looking for
all of my life

as i woke up this morning
someone came and told me
your silky throat is no longer breathing
the bird flew back to paradise during the night

maybe that's the place you deserve, my man
working miracles for those who live in hell
yesterday my own world was just dying
today i'm feeling free from crying

she gave me...
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