Ain't It Strange? Testo

Testo Ain't It Strange?

(Lyrics: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette / Music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echolette)

Ain't it strange that we destroy
What we embrace
And we leave
What we seek
It's such a shame
Ain't it strange that we smile
When we cry
And no one knows why we are here
And where we going to
Ain't it strange
We could be, we could be so good together

Ain't it strange that we share what we hate
That we break what we love
It's such a shame
Ain't it strange when we pray, we betray anyway
And no one knows what we are for
Why we're so tough
When we're so fragile
Ain't it strange

Ain't it strange, still we could fall into a dream
I'd wish no one will catch that fall
For we could fall for love, life is but a dream
Life is but a dream
All the tears in the world not in vain
For the pain is gone, the shame is washed away
When we're all one, life is but a dream
Life is but a dream

It's hard to believe after thousands of years
The world is still drowning in blood and tears
We've been quite advanced but again we fail
It is dog eats dog on the ratrace trail
It is getting too much and we're getting nowhere
While hatred and fear is all that we share
I can't take it no more when I'm watching the news
We must stick together or we're bound to lose...
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