Oh, Patty Testo

Testo Oh, Patty

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
(Lyrics: Gold / Music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echolette)

Patty can't take it
She got to give it back
The world is a big place and she's frightened
And if you kiss her
She got to kiss you back
She couldn't stand a kiss for free
On her own
And while she's playing
With all she exchanged
Yawning at the multitude
Her world is a big place
Full of toys and boys
And teddy bears
Where nothing is for free
That's what her mother told her once
And Patty has a big, big heart
Bigger than her life
She just forgot the most fantastic thing within
She's sitting in her glasshouse
And she does not dare to throw the stone
To make it all come true
Of what she's dreaming of
And so it seems to me
Patty can't take it
She gotta give it back
Her world is a big place and she's frightened
But if you love her
Maybe she'll accept
Maybe she'll take your love for free
On her own
All alone
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