Ivory Tower Testo

Testo Ivory Tower

(Lyrics: Gold-Lloyd-Echolette / Music: Bloss-Gold-Lloyd-Echolette)

Here is the news
From my little hideaway
My sweet ivory tower
I've sent you songs about so many things
Mighty Moondogs skipping waves
Dolphins playing their lives away
Golden circus girls and pharaohs
Fallen Angels, Streetside Romeos
Patricia's Park and anyway
Eternal youth and neverending summerdays
Lonely girls, music halls, the mysteries of love
In the event
That I don't return
Please take this message to understand
In the event...
I am a stranger
In a strange land
Welcome stranger, to the land of the free
Welcome, carol, to fantasy
Oh my god, I feel so alone
A million lightyears far from home
It seems to be a tragedy
How can I live in Germany
Another house is burning down
It's time to face the cruel reality
This is a game no more
Desasters in the twentieth century
In the event that I don't return
Please, take this message to understand
In the event
In the event
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