A Message From The Grave Testo

Testo A Message From The Grave

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So many things I wanted to do
So many times I wished I said
The words you want to hear
But they never appeared in my mind

All my life I've been dragged
Between the feelings I never felt
I know that this is wrong
I can't take this anymore

I feel - that my last time is here
I paint the wall with my brain

My feelings for you is strong
But the words is so far away
The tombs in my mind is filled
With emotions I buried deep

I cry alone and in pain
I give my last thoughts to you
I hope you'll not miss me
When I'm dead and gone

I let you see - the truth of who I am
A fake - a joke of mankind

My journey has begun
A trip from mother earth
Hope the angels will receive me
Or I fall down to hell

A rope round my neck
A chair under my feet
I take the last step
To reach eternity

All my life I've been dragged
Between the feelings I never felt
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