Severed On The Attic Testo

Testo Severed On The Attic

Human parts in the house of death - ghouls awaiting me
Shredded carcass, hanging flesh soon my corpse will be
Axe's chopping around again
Controlled by ones eyes nailing my human life
Now I slowly die

Hoors is swinging in my room, the severed bodies I see
Blood is flowing tot the floor, why is life so mean
My body starts to fall apart, slowly putrefies
I hope my end will come so fast so I can enter the paradise

My head is rolling from my corpse, my body's torn apart
Now who will be the next in line, to be killed by the darr
When my soul has left this earth it's time to rot in pain
So I hope my end will come so fast before I go insane
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