No Flesh Testo

Testo No Flesh

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Dying - the time for us is re
There's no way of human sence
We can change our fate

Let us pray - we're doomed to pay
No flesh - shall be spared

Feeling the stench of rotten flesh
Hills of corpses everywhere, our blood flows in rivers

Time to burn - there's no return
Mass cremation, what remains

Seeing our creation stand up in flames
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
We will never rise again

Changing - the world is rotting from deep inside
No flesh shall be spared

The gates are now open, they welcomes our souls
Slowly we entering a new dimension
In total darkness, in total pain

Changing - feels it rotting from deep inside
No flesh shall be spared

Thy kingdom has come, a place on earth
In thousand years the ruler of nothing can sit there and
Wait for our rebirth

Changing - feels it rotting from deep inside
No fleah shall be spared

Demons - await our poor souls
Playing with our pain
Eternal suffer is all that remains

They wait for us and cut us alive
So we wait the time of our destruction
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