Rest In Peace Testo

Testo Rest In Peace

Give him one last breath
Give him time so he regrets
Oh lord of the darkness
Pray for him my sir
Even if I don't know how it feels
Even if he will lose his soul

You're on your way home
Degenerating fast
Turned into dust at last
Soon you will be in hell
From hell you cannot escape
There you won't feel alone
Someone will guide you
Someone like you
In that god-forgotten world

Rest in peace my friend
Never loved
Never lived
No one cares to say good-bye
Say good-bye

Wasted love and dreams you just can't wake up
It's hard to find relief frozen inside without love
While heaven cries hell is laughing loud
In this cicle of creation one life to find one soul to release

Rest in peace my friend
Take your madness to your grave
Rest in peace my friend
Never loved
Never lived
Rest in peace
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