Pass Me Over Testo

Testo Pass Me Over

[Verse 1]
Another day chance to make another chance, a fragile place runnin on empty, a smile so faint
can barely even break his face, world is on shoulders now, don't be afraid, he who knows will make a way,
his word alone is what has kept me, born the son, king of eternal peace, lay your burdens down

If you catch me dreamin please don't wake me til im done, just leave me sleeping until the
morning come, just pass me over, make believe that im not there just leave me be until the saviour comes

[Verse 2]
Another night makes a way to the morn , sleeping peace joy come early, a covered child steps
away victorious, salvation holds joy surrounds her

[Chorus 2x]

Pass me over
Pass me over
Pass me over
Til the saviour comes [repeat]
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