Thanks, Mr. Skerzick Testo

Testo Thanks, Mr. Skerzick

When I was younger, I'd just read books to myself
Then you said, \"here's a string, here's a bow, let's entertain ourselves.\"
You had history and knowledge,
Lord, you must've had some patience
So thank you, Mr Skerzick,
For gettin' me into this...

Cause this is all that I know how to do
All I have wouldn't be here unless you
Had opened up a world
That i'd never seen
And guided me, guided me

I drove up the hillside, just to see if you were home
But the door was locked, so I went and knocked at your neighbors, who lived next door,
And she said \"Oh, I think he's passed on.\"
That, \"he's reached the pearly gates.\"
So, sorry Mr. Skerzick,
It appears I'm much too late

I'd like to thank my mother
I'd like to thank my Mormor
I'd like to thank you, Mr. LaPierre
But if it all comes down to one person,
Then there's just one name that is hurtin'
To be I'll take this time to share it

Thanks, Mr. Skerzick
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