The Library Song Testo

Testo The Library Song

In the library, I've got visions and visions of you
In the library, fighting visions that I didn't choose
But right about now, I really don't care
Yeah, right about now I just wish you weren't here
I could sail away happy on some other page
Oh, I hope it's not too late

La de di

In the library, I am hidden, obscured from your view
In the library, you said, \"that's such a childish thing to do.\"
But right about now, I wish you were gone
And I earnestly hope your predictions are wrong
Cause I've gone and I've given all I've got to lose
Now it's your turn to choose

La de di

Now, shh
Shut up!
La de di

Now, there's pictures of Hemingway before he died
And tracings of trails where the Indians cried
And I'll look like I'm having the time of my life
But you're always right

I'm in the library, la de di
In the li, in the li, you're always right
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