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Testo July

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
July you've never seen the sunlight
so i'll tell you what we're gonna do
grab my hand, hold it as tight as you can
and don't let go
so we drove, we drove all night
you kept your eyes closed the whole time
and when we got there you were so suprised
"I have seen this before" you said
then you realized what i meant
it was beautiful
it was the kind of thing that makes six hour drives worth while
july you've never seen the stars fall
so tonight we're gonna sleep out on the lawn
the fireflies might kiss your cheek, but don't you worry, they're not mean
and the moon will be here all night to sing us both to sleep
july you've never understood life
so you read books and stay inside
well tomorrow i'm taking all your windows away
so you can feel the wind through your hair
so you'll touch the sky again
and i try my best to see
beauty in death love and living
i found it in these songs
it helps my heart go on
i'm gonna call this home
'cause it just feels right and i know i belong
won't you be my sunlight
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