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Testo Tuesday

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hey, it would be great
if you could come by on tuesday
"i'm not sure about the weather
but i think i might be on time"
oh, oh no, don't you fret about that
today's today, yesterday is the past
you love to listen and sing
but you hate the way the future sounds
hey, it would be fine
if you want to come over at nine
we can lay on the floor
and watch a movie that we've already seen
or we can talk and touch with the radio on
we'll wait for a while 'til they play our song
then we'll dance
oh (my god) we'll dance 'til the moonlight's gone
we shake our hips and bite our lips
city nights, bike rides, and a simple sigh
i don't know if hell exists, but i sure as hell don't care right now
hey, it would be nice
if you could forget all my lies
'cause i'm all grown up now
and hate the way they taste
i used to think i was lost
'til "the middle" saved my life
oh, if you only knew how often i used to stare at my own two feet
and i'd go, la da
i'm not ready for this
la da
i'm not ready for this
uh uh uh oh no
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