Twenty Two Testo

Testo Twenty Two

You said i hate guitar but i love piano
so i, i wrote you this song
i hope you know i didn't know you're name before this
so i made one up
and just in case if you hated all the days
i listed all the seasons instead
because there's nothing like a kiss from the summer
or a dance in the fall's calm rain
sing along, sing whatever you want
just please please sing with me
i got a few reasons why you should be leaving
that town of yours and come to Tennessee
the weathers nice but we could stay inside
and paint pictures of everything we see
i think you know why i threw those hopes to the sky
i think you did the same when i wasn't looking
when the world ends i wonder if the sky will be blue
or some sort of grey
and if happen if i happen to live 'til then
will even matter to me
and when you wake up i wonder if you think of me
if not then you should probably start 'cause then we'd be doing the same
i said goodbye to you 22 times
you were still asking why why why
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