An Allergy To Sun Testo

Testo An Allergy To Sun

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
White lights-sunrise-landslides-basement walls,
Bright light -bright eyes-despise these phone calls.
I'm laying in bed all alone in the dark, mourning pictures of a brown haired boy with a smile.
I'm alone in a room,
I'm alone in a crowd boarding up the doors and windows to keep me in - to keep you out
Curse of Chiroptera, curse of the night eyes life subterranean until my mouth fries.
Lurk living lonely, lurk living alone.
Blades, shovels and black duct tape at least
Until the sun is shown-oh yeah and you can see the footprints in the morning
And you can kill it sleeping.
You can kill it while it sleeps.
Silent vigils for my heart beat.
A lit candle for hope is all I keep.
A child's funeral for which I weep.
And you can turn the lights off when your leaving.
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