Day And Night Testo

Testo Day And Night

When I think of you
It's like a heart that won't heal,
Oh, baby I wanna tell you how I feel,
Doin' without you is more than I can bear,
You got to pick me up, and help me dry my eyes,
I need you walking by my side,
Oh, baby there's a million reasons why


You gotta come back, I'll be waiting,
Day and night

In he weeks that I've been sitting on my own
I've never known this kind of thing,
People around me, but I see only you,
Will you turn your cheek,
And come on home to stay,
Oh baby, it's gotta be that way,
Everything's fine when you are standing by


You gotta come back I'll be waiting
Day and night

I wanna tell you,
There is no time for playing games,
So won't you see the light,
Won't you tell me that you feel this way,
I'm waiting day and night
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