It's Really You Testo

Testo It's Really You

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Did you ever have a plan, a dream,
And think it would be right for you
And for a moment in your life, believe
Heaven would decide for you
And that feelin' deep inside will guide
You to a love you'll treasure
It's you and I forever
Keep on believing


It's really you, it's really me
We're all the things we ever wanted to be
The time is right and you're here tonight
So hold my hand I know that you'll understand

If there's something on your mind, a need
And you feel you wanna shake it
Let it go, let it fall, leave it
You don't have to chase it
'Cos there's a new world all around you that's so good
Darling and it's made for you
There's nothing more ya need to do
Keep on believing


Oh love, love that I've tasted
Now there is love and I ain't gonna
Waste it, like I did before
Now I know
It's really you, it's me
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