Fallen Angel Testo

Testo Fallen Angel

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
I thought I found myself an angel who
Made up for the wasted time
I showed you everything a girl could do
Now my heart aches for heaven sakes
Sorrows come alive

No use in telling me that love is blind
None so blind that will not see
I knew my angel was the hurting kind
Thought I could change your heart
And find a heaven there for me


Fallen angel,
You're breaking lonely hearts
Fallen angel,
You're making brand new starts
Tearing me apart

You went and left me with a broken heart
Of all the things that you could do
Surely you knew that I would fall apart
Someone told me you would do me wrong
And now it's true