Saint Joan Testo

Testo Saint Joan

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Well you can do no wrong
In the eyes of your people
You were carried along on the tide of a love
What will you be the same
On the day of the flames
Will you cry to be saved from the love

You can heal the wounds
In the size of your soldiers
Dry their tears as they shed them for you
But will you turn your cheek
When the sparks are flying
Will you cry to be saved from their love


Oh Saint Joan, you've a pain in your heart
That will save the world when you die
Oh Saint Joan, you've been given a burden
That will set the world on fire

When the people saw you
It wasn't the beginning
You were like a beacon,
You would beam all your light
Though they'd known about you
They chose the season
And you'll cry to be saved from their love

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