Second Sight Testo

Testo Second Sight

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Come on, take the olive branch
Come on, give us both a chance
No use, no use running up and down
We have one aim in sight
And that's getting on alright

You say you wish it was like yesterday
But it's too late for you to wanna stay
Still, we know better than before
You can't tell me it's right
But at least we saw the light


'Cos I said over and over
It will work out alright
Though life seems slower and slower
It's darkness into light
And second sight

Before you pack your bags and go away
I know I'll need to call you someday
There is no time to tell you why I know
Except you mean so much to me
It's the way that it should be, yeah


Second sight

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