Only Seventeen Testo

Testo Only Seventeen

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Nobody hears when you're talking
Too many tears have you calling
What can I do - why is it no-one seems to care

Where is the love you often wonder
Too many nights you wait and wonder
How can it be - why do you feel there's no-one there
If only you could steal away somehow
Maybe they'd understand - what's the use anyhow

You're only seventeen
Lost in a world where you belong
Oh only sevnteen
Caught in a dream - and always wrong
And as the night begins to fall
How can you win
You're only seventeen

Wishing and hoping - sometimes praying
Wanting to leave but you keep saying
Someday soon
Sooner or later you'll be free
You know inside your heart
That you want to run
But it tears you apart
'Cos it can't be done

Though you try to laugh
There's a photograph
That reminds you too much of your dreams
There's a chance you'll laugh
But that photograph
Just remnds you of what might have been
You're only seventeen
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