Think It Over Testo

Testo Think It Over

You, say your time is taken
Yet it's true
That your heart is achin'
You could change your mind
But you don't know what it will do
So you're always waiting
Would it be so hard
Just to run my way now


Think it over - I'll be waiting
You gotta know you're - hesitating
Another day and love - could be near if you
Think it over
Think it over tonight

Stay, if you feel the need to
Won't you stay
And that's all you need do
Don't you change your mind
'Cos I know just what you've been through
And it's all behind you
Now you have the chance
Won't you run my way now


I know the answer
I want to be around you
And that's all I'm asking
Say you'll change your mind
And you'll run my way now


Think it over - tonight

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