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Testo Child Sin

In my parent's eyes, I'm a child of sin. Black sheep of the family, blessed be insanity. Down with the lambs, up with the lark. Run to bed my children now, before it gets dark. Family life, forbidden to find. Searching her love, within the black depths of a septic mind. Barred from my mother's love, please let me in. I was born unto a child of sin. A child of sin - Her love becomes my lust. Raped my own kin - Mother ashes to dust. Bearing no marks of evil, blamed for my acts of mercy. Come lay you down upon the bed, my imagination of your severed head. The dead loved parents, and the deviant son. Family life now that we are one. Is this the confused mind of a boy? Or does a creature lurk within? Am I possessed by eternal entities? Or are my urges born of my own fears? Mother mutilation! Witness malign grin, born unto a vicious child of sin.

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