In The Shroud Testo

Testo In The Shroud

Skin absorption, mystical poison. Vanished life, bequeathed. Knock on coffin, shallow burial. Emerge enslaved, commands obeyed. Vision in the shroud, effect of curare. Silence gives consent, killing which you bear. Face rivers of tears - Slave to kill. Slow grab for soil - Uncontrollable will. Moving the earth - Arising from the ground. Choking unpleasantness - A gurgling sound. Staggering around, catatonic hellish dance. Animation fades, into hypnotic trance. Held back from the gorge, your spirit bound in chains. Death cannot be reached, (with the) curare in your veins. Homage to your master, destiny controlled. Sorrow at your fate, no feelings felt, this story untold.

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