The Grand Leveller Testo

Testo The Grand Leveller

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Sinister are the ways of life. Tortures made to scar the mind. This evil is an existence. Man cannot serve two masters. Head to the grindstone. Sharpen your soul. Pierce the shell - Confound the shadow. Refrain the urge - To cast off the mask. Earthly subjugation - Your soulless husk remains. Desecreation brings joy. Awaken to sufferance. Blinded by black light. New pains to rev`el. Bathe in misery's eye. Death, the grand leveller. Summer of hate - Winter of pain. Bathe yourself in a burning rain. Mental alienation, I slowly slip away. Retrogression of the mind, delirious decay. Unhinged from reality, isolated world. Unhinged from my past life, mentally disturbed. Cell deterioration, abandoned memory. Dilation of the brain, a living lunacy. Can you smell the madness? I have the right to die. It's in my age syndrome. Now life's precious dream. Is just rheumatic bone. Euthanasia

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