Cold Soul Testo

Testo Cold Soul

[Music by Beto Vazquez, Lyrics & Vocal Melodies by Mik]

As leaf in the river after the rain
Dragged by wild power
Letting yourself to flow
To be shattered on the rock

Cold Soul
Plundered of your emotions
Running in the way of no return
Crying scared to love again
Loving too much once before

One star so bright
Made the others disappear
Leaving you blind

The darkness around you
Did your body feel the cold
Piercing deep until your soul

Wounded tried do get up
No beat from your broken heart
Alone in your solitude
You closed the door to life

[MIK: Lead and Backing Vocals
Appears courtesy of So Cold
DB Recording Studios / Slovenia
Beto Vazquez: Rhythm & Arrangements Guitars / Bass
Carlos Ferrari: Lead Guitar
Norberto Roman: Drums]
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