Epic Travel Testo

Testo Epic Travel

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
[Music by Beto Vazquez & Lucas Pereyra, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez& Melissa Ferlaak, Vocal Melody by Melissa Ferlaak]

I am in this journey, but it's the last one
I must find my truth lying deep in the unknown
I move through many worlds with steps that devour the distances
to find myself

History holds my last rites and regards.
Without regret, I go to the inner rings that hold the cards
Dimensions of the errant souls
they show us their destiny

While the wind trembles to remove
the damned souls that I take inside

I discovered a dreamed universe
in brilliant manifestations of light images
and perfect romanticism
I must continue my epic travel
and find myself

Elements lost in their world...we vent our passions
We dance ethereal, the compass of the imagined

Transcended and enlightened
recreated on this journey
with beautiful letters of passionate words
I found my way
I found my truth
I found the truth

[Melissa Ferlaak: Lead and Backing Vocals
Appears courtesy of Echoterra
Pnevma Studio / USA
Beto Vazquez: Bass / Keyboards
Lucas Pereyra: Rhythm Guitars / Orchestral Arrangements
Norberto Roman : Drums]
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