Council Of My Dreams Testo

Testo Council Of My Dreams

[Music by Beto Vazquez, Lyrics by Beto Vazquez & Sonya Scarlet, Vocal Melody by Sonya Scarlet]

Something seemed to break in the darkness
beside the icy, dormant trees
Like death singing a dream
As a dawn of bad memory
Such is the poetry
Is as dawn turn to dusk
Enigma of time wonders by miracle and reality

Take my death in your hands
Take me to the edge of delirium
I saw your eyes as a light in dark
Is your lips a ripe my sanity

Take my death in your hands
Take me to the edge of delirium
Leaves me once again await
Long, eternal night,council of my dreams

My path leads to this destiny jailed in my sanity
In your mind I sing to the moon
A sad melody in the dark
Tell me your secrets
Tell me your fears
I'm the one who hear your confessions
To the council of my dreams

[Beto Vazquez : Bass / Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Norberto Roman : Drums
Sonya Scarlet: Lead and Backing Vocals
Appears courtesy of Theatres des Vampires
Recording Studios /Temple of Noise - Christian Ice / Italy]
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