Daughter Of The Minotaur Testo

Testo Daughter Of The Minotaur

Through the dark I'm running pout to find my destination
The myth is real I met her name, she invited me to stay
Don't you know the evil one?
And far away, behind the hell another world is rising
A new domain will reign the earth full of rage and pain
Don't you know the evil one?

Daughter of the Minotaur
We have spent our lives searching for the light of will
But I don't wanna die without knowing her out of the dark

[Solo1: Atxondo]

And now I see she came to me crying out for freedom
She stole the sphere from the evil one
The Minotaur has been defeated for its own blood


Daughter of the Minotaur
You have saved our lives
Fighting for the precious sphere now you'll become fire
Against the evil, save our souls
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