Bring It To Pain Testo

Testo Bring It To Pain

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
The moment I laid eyes on you,
I knew a close encounter was inevitable.
Now we're alone,
your eyes staring deep into my soul,
together we sit in darkness.

You knowI want you,
your voice sounds like a God in head.
You know I am you,
don't ask my name, it don't matter at all.
You know that love just ain't my style,
I feel the haet of your lust in the air.
We have no choices left,
as you walk into the vampire's eyes.

Let me bring it to pain.

You say your love is a spiritual thing,
I hear you.
You lick your lips like a lioness,
I fear you.
YOu touch me and my blood runs cold,
am I the hunter or hunted?
God put us here together tonight,
you can't escape fate.

Let me bring it to pain.

My tongue journeys deep inside you,
your juices arouse me.
I am your slave tonight and forever,
dominate me rape me.
Your orgasm so wild it's a trip,
we cum together as one.
You say you gotta have it hard and rough,
is this rough enough?

Let me bring it to pain.
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