Time Machine Testo

Testo Time Machine

[feat. Big Krit]

[Chorus: Big K.R.I.T...]
In my time machine, yea I ride, clean
Marinate the scene with my high beams
Candy coated dreams, whenever I, lean
Take me forward far, this ain't just my car
This my time machine (take me way back)
This my time machine (take me way back)
This my time machine (take me way back)
Take me forward far, this ain't just my car
This is my time machine

[Big K.R.I.T.:]
Take me way back Scarface and a tapedeck
Ridin' with my poppa, rockin' a starter and some gray sweats
Gave me game as we roll down the 8th street
Niggas out here flexin', don't be stressing what you can't be
And don't be dodgin', don't believe in what you can't see
Unless it's borrowed, don't be borrowin' cause ain't shit free
You got your family and your friends when you need relief
There'll come a time when I can't be there when you need me
He lean't my seat back (way, way, back)
When it come to music yea you need that
Forever in the cut where you be at
Forgive and forget, your anger leave that
Don't be wasting time, Cause time is all you have
Don't be chasing hoes, Boy go chase this cash
I can't say no mo', you'll learn it on yo own
I couldn't understand it then
But you know that I'm grown


Uh, uh, hold up
I just wanna say what's up
Till the woman they discuss
Ain't no rust you can never say it's lust
This the only dame I trust
Ain't it plush, you can see the paint is drust
Got the naked lady just, painted up
This ain't no mercedes cause
Better make ya baby blush
Coasted candy got em sayin I'm delicious
Every woman on her knees that's lookin up is not religious
And I feel like master p had me not takin minor digits
If you ain't about this life then close your pipe
And mind your bidness
Screw taught us stay authentic and they gon love ya jams
Watts told us style and keep on mashin and we gon run and then
Jay prince and drape are the reasons you had to become fans
And the only way we ain't gon win is when we on the plan
Throw a prayer up for japan
I swear the daily news be havin me trippin
Everybody that got a cross hanging off they neck is not a christian
And when the police pull ya over they'll say you fit the description
Bun b that sour og r.I.p pimp c I feel like I'm with him
When I'm in my time machine


[Big K.R.I.T.:]
Take me way back, fitted with a wave cap
Rushing in the hallway trying to keep these waves flat
Broads come and go rarely would they fuck with me
My brother was a player I was favorite off many streets
Learning who's paying dudes made myself a name
Laughing at these cape crusader's, save us 'cause these niggas lame
Hand cuffin', claim they lovin' on a freaky thang
She a bopper I got partnas that done ran a train
We play the game
Even as a youngster knew I'd be a king
Told them non-believers I would never changed
Mississippi is where I'm from and that the shit I claim
It's funny how they flock when they heard you got that knot
Wouldn't bust it open now they dying to set it, high
Down to hit my couch, get off in their mind
Like I'm a fall in love, Take 'em back in time


Hold up mayn
I just had to bring it back
For the day I seen this lac
Cleanish lac, had to spend some g's and stacks
Told me I could keep the tax
C was back, told me that he needed that
Knew that it would be respect
I don't need the check
You can have the keys with that
Ready then I beat it chad
Ghetto yea I guess that I forgot to mention
I'm a legend when ya see me you salute stand at attention
You could hope that I go broke till 40 caddy got me rentin
But ya prolly never see it like amber rose extensions
I started makin dollars speakin outta pen
That was ninety eight and I still got partners that's still ain't out the pen
Now they sayin obama got osama if they got em damn
I know it's some soldiers in the sky that'll live to see us win
Send a voice sent up to them and bust a shot in the sky if you got your clip in
And chunk the deuce to tila had them ladies strippin
Can't forget about ballin g why ya'll an me was space age pimpin
And it's nothin but country tunes that pop music is always missin
When your in my time machine

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