Everybody Needs Love Testo

Testo Everybody Needs Love

In L.A. they love their cars, their mucsles and
their martini bars, they love to toan they there
Gucci their Rayban shade and eatin' sushi.

Over in Texas the love the Cowboys for the
big city bankers to the plowboys. They love
their eibeyes and ropin steers shootin Jose
Tequila and long neck beers.

Worlds apart for worser for better the one thing
that brings us together is, everybody wants love,
love, love yeah everbody wants love everybody
needs love, love, love everybody needs love.

Over in Nashville they love the country eatin' biscuit
and gravy on sunday they love the Opry and George
Jones crankin' sweet home alabama and the rollin' stones.

New York, New York big as it gets they like the fight
between the Yankees and the Mets

Down in the south they love their footbal
the bulldogs and longhorns and the tennessee

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