Sweet Sun Angel Testo

Testo Sweet Sun Angel

Blue eyes cuttin through the summer day
Every red light seems to come from her face
From the tip of her toes to the top of her curls
She's 100% American Girl

She's my sweet sun angel
Everybit of summer time, never seen her look so fine
My sweet sun angel
Ever see her on the street you'll know just what she does to me
Just watch her shine, and she's mine, mine, mine
She's my sweet sun angel

She's my umbrella in the pouring rain
She's my shelter in this wild, wild hurricane
Got a heaven full of stars shinin' in her eyes
And I swear I haven't felt so good in my whole life


Loves me, like I'm her tomorrow
She's the life that I wanna follow

Sweet sweet angel
Sun Angel

Chorus: (2x)
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