Antechamber Of Hell Testo

Testo Antechamber Of Hell

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Music: A. Yourcenal
Lyrics: L. Ariel

Lost in the time,
Echoes of souls
Sing of a dark, evil faraway shore,
Fear paves the way,
I know this place... paradise, this is the Hell.
I hear a voice
Calling my name,
Telling me something I can't understand,
Then there is silence...
Then there is pain!
...then the fields of the death...
That voice talks to me again:
“Come inside my house an' take a chair...
...there's a place for every man!”

It's my price to pay,
I'm welcome to the antechamber of hell!
Life's been just a road towards the end!

Out of the light
A black castle shines,
Built by the fear of a life passin' by
Wild shadows dance
Beyond my eyes...
As hopes fail, my time's arrived.
Late! It's too late
To regret mistakes,
Divine forgiveness is buried with me...
Yes, I denied
The path of the faith...
Now I face what I've been!
That same voice inside my head,
Makes me realize that every man
Draws his line of destiny.

It's my price to pay,
I'm welcome to the antechamber of hell!
Slave of the dark reign...
I'm welcome to the antechamber of hell!
I made of life a Road towards the end...

Here I am,
I'm welcome to the antechamber of hell....
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