Long Awaited Stranger Testo

Testo Long Awaited Stranger

(Music: A. Yourcenal)
(Lyrics: L. Ariel, A. Moncelsi)

A man has come with a reason
Bringin' the smell of his past,
To change the time of our seasons
And fill our emptiness.
So many lives in his shadow,
So many miles in his legs,
Teacher of sorrow,
Ruler of the promised land....
His hand holds the secret,
The chance for us all...
The last one.
Set these souls free
With a good gun,
And a brand new world to steal.

We're moving to war
In the name of God,
We follow our “long awaited stranger”...
The prophet has called,
We're ready to go
We're led by the “long awaited stranger”...

The chosen people is gathered
To shed some innocent blood,
Across the red, weeping waters
Crusaders on a dark road.
Fall on your knees, little sinner
Give back what's meant to be mine,
Pray for salvation:
No last wish....you're gonna die.
Like flames in the night,
We're the keepers of light...
We arise....
From distant worlds,
We arrive to build
another Babylon.

What we're waiting for
Has finally come,
We bow to our “long awaited stranger”
The story relives
But now we're the kings
We follow the “long awaited stranger”.....

The way is clear,
The pain is almost gone,
We make a cemetery
To win a private holy war....

We're moving to war
In the name of God,
We follow our “long awaited stranger”...
No mercy for love
The mission is one
We live for the “long awaited stranger”...
The story relives
Now we are the kings
We follow our “long awaited stranger”
The heaven has called
We know who we are,
We die for our “long awaited stranger”
Great Inferno's Angel
“long awaited stranger”.
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