Keep It Up Testo

Testo Keep It Up

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You, you keep it bottled inside
What may seem like unreasonable tension
When delivered will be worth all your time
And you got what it takes
So don't you dare to break
She may endure all your lies

Cause along comes a time inside every mans Life,
when the things that you preach, get shot down and
You cross all the lines.

Keep it up, keep it up
Finish me with a touch
Cause I got no regrets, no regrets, i'm a lush
And I found that it's better to live
With incentive to give, With incentive to give
That's enough [x2]

You, take actions faster than time
Submitted to all form of rhythm
When the record sends a chill through her spine

Now he's begging,
Tries defending, what he knows
Can be a monumental point in her life
Note to sender, don't you beg her.
Its times like this when the ___________?

[chorus] [x4]
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