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Testo Slow

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
She makes it hard for me to read her
makes it seem like the energy between us
may or may not be functioning with her
there is no questioning the love that i have deep inside

i know there is nothing i can give her,
can't decide, had it from my heart to win her
so i follow her closely, take notes and sit tightly,
and wait for my moment to strike.

i wait around for the right words to say,
try to keep up with her as she turns away
i never could give in the easy way,
so i just keep it coming cause i cant find what i'm loving.

Oh yeah Taylor what's happening
give me a reason to come out and think to me
she said well here is the thing i don't have it inside
of me to pull it all off, i have plenty of words i could spit out in tunes
you'd enjoy them all equally none of them speak out,
the phrases and turns that would get you, they're turnin me..
can't find the right words to say..


listen to me closely as i feed you my lines,
you are my drug i need my fixin i can't wait here in line.
you, you make me panic girl you know how i work,
i was the book you almost read but then you left me at home.

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