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Testo Kirkland

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Please stay for a while there's no need to leave
The night is still young I need you here with me.
When your by my side feel like i got everything,
like the world is passing by me.

These nights just mean so much to me.
I feel like i've got everything.

Its like im in a dream when your there by my side
but i never wake up its so amazing inside.
And i wish this could be till the end of all time,
please stay here with me.
Without you my life would be so incomplete.

You make me feel so amazing inside....
And I wish that kept going full time
Your like my own star guiding me through this life
I'd be lost without you by my side
All those times that we've had, all those moments
We've shared, you are my everything
I put down my guitar,
Leave my home just to see,
You feel the same way about me

As these days pass on by, we both
Have memories to share, we'll stay up all
Night watching stars, and then we'll drive all through the
Night, sleep all through the day, then ill wake up by your side
And thank god that I'm here

These nights just mean so much to me.
I feel like i've got everything.

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