In A Sea Of Floating Hope & Sinking Dreams Testo

Testo In A Sea Of Floating Hope & Sinking Dreams

When darkness fades to gray, and all the shapes and lines intertwine.
You don't have a sense of hope. Just misery.
No matter what you do, theres no escape from the end.
Trapped in a prison in your mind, can't stop shaking.
You've thought about the crowds that watch on you as you drown.
With no thought of unity we all fall down.

With one move I'll have you die by my side.
In a sea of floating hope and sinking dreams.

One little broken wish is a pattern of my design.
If I could give you just one kiss, would you be willing...
To forget about the past and the future while you're at it?
A tip from me to you: there is no method. Life is routine.

I've found a way to answer all of your questions.
And all of your answers will be part of the plan,
But not so colorful. Yea you'll sleep just to pass the time.

So I'll leave you with this.
Could you step aside knowing that I'm right?
Would you wait until you ended up denied?
I can see things now that weren't clear before.
Can you save me now? For there's nothing more.
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