The Fountain Testo

Testo The Fountain

Tiziano Ferro, al concerto non si presentano 1000 persone per paura di attentati
When darkness falls, Ill be waiting right by your side.
Stars could realign in different shapes that don't exist.
This cancer will eat you away.

So take the time to analyze just what you've done.
You're in three different periods of time all at once.
Look to the sky to see the path in which you should take.
Fast forward to the future because the past was just a mistake.

You. You never wanted it to be this way.
You. You never wanted it to be the same.

I've saved a life but lost another in one moment in time.
A tree can heal your wounds but it won't cure your life.
I'll take my methods and apply them to the ones I love.
Can't lose another to diseases that are now known as death.
As I float through space I see you standing there again.