Blackbird Trail Testo

Testo Blackbird Trail

Don't turn your back on me reasons i will not say
walls are surrounding me prisoners they make of you
Bathtub is rusted phone line corrupted
Iron bars like auschwitz cremate your conflict
Create identity make it insanity
I will not fight you gave your right
Bring me your heroes and ill make them zeroes
-They are now dead The rest have now fled-
bring me the best 'cause i was put to the test
-Your full of shit your king hypocrite-
salvation is not me walk down your own dark street
Keep stacking bricks while im building bridges
Im so sick of you glad i dont think of you
dancing devil a blacklisted rebel
create biography make the topic me
i cannot think the feather fresh out of ink
runaway just get away dont look back in time of pain
soon you realize that everything said fiction under warning signs
you turned your back on me reasons for your regret
your phone line has been cut door has remained shut
blood clot has thickened the doctor risen
create your innocence make it your penitence
i will not lie your plans have gone awry
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