Dollars Testo

Testo Dollars

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Dollars signs in the air
Greed was in your blood
the moment came when the east reigned
and the west was won
companies come and gone
and the jobs have now fled
love and war is now ours
rivers have gone dead
we need brand new victims feeding from your system
we need brand new victims bleeding from their fleeing
from your system, when it comes crashing down
will you still be true when your dollar signs dont mean shit
and your kids are turning blue
dying of starvation so dehydrated they cant spit
what are you going to feed them when your dollars dont mean......
your calling me for favors and then you feeding off my labor
We need brand new victims which are feeding from your system
we need brand new victims bleeding from your system
politicians seem to know what is best for me
but when it comes crashing down well br drinking our own pee
born into rich families never worked a single day
but the truth is in the end someday they will pay
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