The Forest Of Ashes Testo

Testo The Forest Of Ashes

Obscuritas nemoris
Obscuritas in abyssis

(Shut up,
Don't disturb their dreams
Shut up,
Or you will stay with them forever)

Drops of black water fall down
Wetting the dry trees
Of this forest
Where the souls of sorrow sleep
Since the sun appears
That's the punishment for all their sins
Streams of blood nourish this land
And the frozen wind
Freezes everything that was alive

At least I can breathe the stillnes I wanted
I feel myslef reborn from the ashes

Don't be afraid of darkness
We come from it and we'll go there
Moon can be our new sun
Silence will be our best ally
Don't be afraid of darkness
We come from it and we'll go there

(nobody can ruffle our calm
This is the shelter of dead souls
We have no bonds out of this place)

What is heaven and what Hell?
What is life and death?
In my forest
Far away from happiness
Far away from pain
Only silence only peace

Obscuritas nemoris quae omnia penetras
Nos omns in abyssis custodias
Salus nostra, quies nostra tu es
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