Big Guys Like D.o.a. Testo

Testo Big Guys Like D.o.a.

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
big guys of every size populate our shows salt stains under arms, sweat drips from their clothes double xl cotton shirts cling tight to their waists big guys everywhere dig d.o.a. tattoos reek of booze, rings in their tits tall thin lots of chins some with lots of zits foot rot, soggy socks, passed out by the wall big guys everywhere dig d.o.a. each gig's a den where you'll find the real mean some caked in grease some smell like gouda cheese rampage in front of the stage, it's a danger zone bodies flying everywhere, never dance alone feeling gine, did their time, now it's time to rock big guys everywhere dig d.o.a.

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